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At Surrey Driftwood we import and distribute a range of naturally sculpted driftwood sourced from New Zealandís South Island.

All of our driftwood sculptures are individually unique pieces, sculpted by nature and collected along the coast line. Occasionally they can be found inland along the course of rocky riverbeds, washed down by the torrents which cascade from the Southern Alps.

Tree types include the Rimu, Matai, Totara and Rata with each item being individually selected on location for its dramatic look and the beauty of the grain.

Over time the forces of nature wash, bleach and shape these woods creating individual and often very dramatic and completely unique shapes. Our driftwood sculptures are highly sought after by a variety of customers to lend a sense of drama and an exotic atmosphere to the garden, the workplace or home. In fact some of our Signature Pieces in particular create a stunning focal and talking point in any setting! As a result, driftwood sculptures are being used increasingly in both garden landscaping and interior design.

We welcome direct enquiries of all types or alternatively you can visit an existing display by clicking on the Stockists link from the menu.

Driftwood information

We advertise our driftwood sculptures through and the stock is the same whichever website you contact us through.

Driftwood from New Zealand and the south west pacific area only becomes available during the wet and wild months between November and January. Huge storms and Hurricanes will churn the sea beds and deposit the driftwood ashore from which we make our selection for our driftwood sculpture collection. Outside of these months there is very little driftwood to be found.

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